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Taking Back Your Health, Even with Diet Restrictions

I’ve written about it before, but at the beginning of February I woke up one morning and the teeth on the left side of my mouth didn’t align. It turns out I, like many women, carry some of my stress in my jaw, and I had pulled my left jaw muscle so tight that it was in serious distress. After…

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Clothing Should Fit Your Body (not be some standard size you tolerate)

One of the trends I am seeing more and more these days is the move away from fast fashion that is all about ‘one-size-fits-all’ and a move toward items that are catered to a woman’s specific shape and size. There need to be more fashion companies like this, or we women need to be better at making purchases and then…

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Tips to Buy Your Next Pair of Denim

Beyond some high schoolers I know who hate jeans, I think they are pretty universally loved. Everyone owns at least one pair and most women own a handful of denim options if not a dozen or more. On average 60% of Americans wear them 4 times a week, or more. During the summer months I’m certainly guilty of that, although…

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